Hi—I’m Winston.

Like many American millennials, I find myself in a post-graduate flux marked by daunting debt and evaporating employment. Unlike many of my generational cohorts, however, I fuel my dreams not with start-ups or smart-phones but with reading and writing. After recently finishing George Orwell’s 1984, I decided I could no longer sit on the sidelines as our upside-down century trudged along. Like Winston, the main character in the novel, I find myself stuck in a world beset by madness and mendacity. And like him, I decided to start a Diary.

But my Diary is public.

The plan is relatively straightforward: to write my own analysis on current events and the world at large. I’m particularly interested in writing about matters relating to international affairs and the economy, but like any Diary worth its salt I’ll write about whatever I like. I have graduate degrees from universities that any American would describe as “elite,” but I’ve always been guided by Mark Twain’s quip that we should not let our schooling interfere with our education. In other words, much of what you read here will probably not square with whatever America’s top colleges teach, with whatever gobbledygook government officials say, and with whatever corporate media organizations portray. I write without fear of our socio-cultural Thought Police, and I suppose there is no better home for my thoughts than a Diary.

You can render your verdict after reading, but I only ask that you browse with an open mind and remember that the thoughts presented here are the results of my education, not my schooling. Although I’ve been derided as everything from delusional to conspiratorial, I’ve always taken comfort in Orwell’s observation that “perhaps a lunatic was simply a minority of one.”

And so, driven by the notion that together we may one day forge a saner world, I write this Diary for us. Orwell notes in 1984 that our only hope in a world of madness is to expand sanity piecemeal—little by little, individual to individual. “In the face of the Thought Police,” he writes, “there is no other way.”

You’re not alone out there, and it’s nice to know that neither am I. Thanks for reading.

—Winston A.


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