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Hillary, Bibi, Petraeus & Ferguson: Same Shit, Different Day

What a Dress can Teach Us About What’s Wrong with the World

What Orwell’s 1984 Taught me About America

Why CitizenFour is a Joke

Nature or Nurture: Hiking as the Antidote to our Digital Age

What Hiking in Death Valley Taught me About Life

Ayn Rand is Dangerous & Delusional

Obama, DoubleSpeak, and the Permanent War Footing

The Super Bowl as Bread and Circus

Why Online Privacy is Dead & Why we Don’t Deserve it Anyway

The Winston’s Diary Guide to Winter Storms 2015

Some Thoughts on Hiking in Yosemite National Park

Greek Elections & The Politics of GroupThink

Greek Elections & Media Bias

Charlie Hebdo & Infinite Surveillance: Where Do we Go from Here?

Top 10 Cringe-Worthy Lines of Obama’s SOTU

Why I Stopped Attending the #BlackLivesMatter Protests

Charlie Hebdo & The Politics of Self-Deception

Charlie Hebdo & The Limits of “Free Speech”

Snowden & The NSA Disclosures: All a Waste?

On the US & Cuba Deal: Don’t Believe the Hype

What the Sony Hack Can Teach us About Capitalism

Front & Center at the Oakland Protests

Forget the CIA Report: Gitmo is the Real Scandal

MLK & The Politics of Looting

The Limits of #ICantBreathe

The Real Story on the Senate Torture Report

Senate Report on CIA Torture is Meaningless

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